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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cold Porcelain Jack Sparrow Chibi - Layering and Blending Tutorial

Jack Sparrow Chibi (blending technique)

This is my first try on sculpting eyes and 'blending' instead of 'layering'. When I was first starting out, I created clothes by doing the following:

1. Flatten the cold porcelain to create a thin sheet.
2. Cut the desired shape and size for the clothes.
3. Glue it to the character's body.

But here's a problem I encountered with this technique - the final product ends up thicker than it should be, especially after drying (see the photo below) With 'blending,' you can keep the character's shape and size, which ensures that the final product retains the proportion you had in mind.

Doctor Who, Amy Pond, Tardis (layering technique)

How to 'Blend'  Cold Porcelain
thin strand of cold porcelain
1. Get a small piece of cold porcelain and roll it in your palm (or your work table) to make a thin strand.

Add glue
2. Put some glue on the edges of the garment.

Spread the cold porcelain
3. Gradually spread and smoothen the clay (starting from outside, going in), retaining a fine line that will serve as the the edge/hem of the clothes.

End product

For best results, make sure that the body that you're working on is thoroughly dried before adding the clothes.

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