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Friday, July 31, 2015

Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!

As a Harry Potter fan, I've always wanted to create my own favorite magical characters whether it be a sketch, painting, a T-shirt design or whatnot. And now that I am into cold porcelain, I cannot help but get excited in making Harry Potter and his friends! These chibis are actually some of the first batches that I've made when I was just starting out. They weren't perfectly done but I'm still happy with what they have turned out.

This type of cold porcelain chibi is a perfect project for beginners since it only requires two main parts - the head and the body, while the rest - the scarf and the hair are not that hard to create. Maybe the most challenging part in making these cute Harry Potter Chibis is painting them.

Hermione with her book

 Ron with Scabbers

Ginny with her broomstick

Luna with her Spectrespecs

                                                            Draco with his wand

An inch tall, these Harry Potter cold porcelain chibis could be great as charms and/or key chains.
Harry and the gang
This blog post is my tribute to my two favorites. Happy birthday to one of my favorite authors on earth, J. K. Rowling and of course, to Harry Potter, who kept my imagination alive. 

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