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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cold Porcelain Sculpture

back view
My sister loves Mickey Mouse so I thought of making a Mickey and Minnie Mouse set using cold porcelain for her (picture to follow). I had no problem making the first version because yeah, it's pretty simple and doesn't have much detail. All I had to do was to make two balls for the head, two oval-shaped cold porcelain for the body, two sets of thin rounded sticks for the arms and legs and two sets of small oval clay for the hands and feet - and additional smaller rounded sticks for the tail. Note that it is important to think of Mickey and Minnie's pose so that you'll be able to assemble them accordingly.

After a few weeks, I made another Mickey and Minnie Mouse set, Version 2.0. I was inspired by this Minnie and Mickey Mouse sculpture so I decided to challenge myself and give it another go. I think these cuties turned out pretty well because they are a much more improved version of the first - from the shapes and details of the painting.

Although sculpting my second Mickey Mouse set tested my skill and patience, I mus say that it was quite an achievement, given the only tool I have (plastic knife). It took a while before I 'perfected' the infamous mouse shape, especially the body and the hands. The entire process took me a week - from shaping to drying, painting and sealing because I had to re-shape and re-paint some parts in order to make it better.

These are the photos of my Mickey and Minnie Set V2.0

side view

front view

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