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Friday, August 21, 2015

DIY: Paint your Own Shirt

The great thing about designing your own shirt is that you won't worry that you'll bump into someone wearing the same shirt design as yours. Aside from the 'being unique' part, painting your shirt helps unleash your creativity and whatever you're feeling at the moment.

Another advantage is that you can have a 'new' shirt from your old shirts in your wardrobe. You probably have a few plain shirts in your closet that you haven't worn for ages so why not turn them into something more exciting and colorful?

And of course, it is cheap. With a few art supplies, you'll be able to turn your boring white shirt into a work of art!

What you'll need:

1. Fabric paints. You can find a wide variety of fabric paints at your favorite craft store or even bookstores. There are those ordinary flat ones, neon and even those glittery ones so it's really up to you which paint to use. Spray paints are also a great option.

2. Paint brushes. It's best to purchase at least 2 kinds of paint brushes (1 thick, 1 thin). Though fabric paints are also available in ballpoint tubes for detailing and writing letters, you will still need a thin brush for blending the colors onto the shirt.

3. T-shirt. If you're just starting out, make sure to use an old shirt, something that you don't mind damaging.

Start with the basics - just figure out what you want to create or what works for you. You can do different colors of dots and lines, or huge splashes of colors, make an abstract, it really doesn't matter. Your main objective is to get used to the feeling of the paint and the fabric in your hands.

Techniques in Painting

Tracing. This technique requires light-colored shirt, white color is preferred.  This way, you'll be able to see the design through your fabric. Tracing is specially useful for those who are not into drawing. Keep in mind that the fabric paint goes through the shirt (and into the design) so make sure to use something that is safe to dispose.

Stencil. This is an advanced technique that can be done by those who want a precise design in their shirts. You can create your own stencil (flowers, geometrical patterns, letters) or find your inspiration from different sources online. I am going to post instructions on how to do your own stencil later.

Freestyle. This is my preferred style in painting my shirt. You can do whatever you want - be it a quote, your favorite cartoon character or even a landscape.

Painting your own T-shirt can be a very relaxing hobby. It is all about being creative and different. It's just like painting on canvas - everything and anything goes. The best thing about it is that you can wear your art.

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