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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Doctor Who Inspired Wedding Cake Toppers

As promised, here are the photos of the Doctor Who inspired cake toppers. The client ordered 2 pairs of the groom and the bride, plus tardis!

Since making the entire Tardis out of cold porcelain could make it real heavy, I decided to make the skeleton out of popcicle sticks and just glued cold porcelain on it.

two sets of the bride and the groom plus tardis

Tardis with light

Tardis with color!
Overall, the entire process was enjoyable!

the brides wearing 'fish scale' ruffles gowns while the grooms don the 10th Doctor suit

the two sets of toppers, together with my first chibi Tardis, Doctor Who and Amy Pond

ready to [time] travel!

couple going inside the Tardis

The client even asked me to create Tardis wedding favors! 

mini Tardis wedding favors!

These wedding favors are about 2 inches in height. It was a challenge to make such small items from cold porcelain especially when it comes to painting the details. I had to paint the letters individually, using a very tiny brush.

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