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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Wedding Toppers!

Last month, Craft with Cee was commissioned to create wedding toppers! First was with the bride riding a carriage, while the second one was a Doctor Who inspired wedding toppers.

Here are the pictures of the first wedding toppers:

the groom and the bride (front, side, back views)

the bride and the groom, with color!

ready for the big day!

love birds

with the carriage

the blushing bride

the handsome groom

heart-shaped carriage, top view

back view of the bride, revealing the detailed bridal veil

the tiny pale pink roses surround the carriage

Everything was made from homemade cold porcelain, except for the base of the carriage, which was made of assembled popsicle sticks. I used poster paint for the colors and waterbased waterproof primer as sealant. You may read more about sealants here.

At first, I thought I won't be able to pull it off because this was my first time to make a wedding topper which such details so I was really happy with the result!

Anyway, I was supposed to record a video from this project but I had been too caught up with the entire process that I forgot about it. :D

Tomorrow, I'll be posting the pictures of the Doctor Who inspired cake toppers project, which was one of my favorites!

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