Sunday, June 23, 2019

Dating a Reader Starter Pack

1. Mahabang pasensiya. They have this something called ‘sacred hour’. Ito ‘yung oras nila ng pagbabasa kaya huwag kang magtataka kung bakit hindi sila nakakapag-reply agad dahil baka nasa kalagitnaan sila ng pagbabasa. FYI, walang pinipili ang sacred hour. Mapa-umaga, tanghali at gabi kaya pasensiya.

2. If you’re going to invite her out, do it creatively. You have huge shoes to fill, anyway. ‘Yung mga fictional characters niya, nai-date na siya sa mga mamahaling restaurants kaya mag-effort ka naman kahit kaunti. How about a picnic instead of the usual dine out? Bring her to some place quiet, where she can enjoy your company and her book. Coffee shops with books are the best.

3. Be ready for a bit of competition. Okay, not a bit - a lot. Hindi maiiwasan na maikumpara ka niya sa mga paborito niyang fictional characters. Huwag magtampo o magselos kung kinikilig siya sa ibang lalaki lalo na’t hindi mo kakilala. Ang totoo, hindi lang ikaw ang laman ng puso niya - marami pa at lahat sila, mas guwapo, mas romantic, mas maginoo, mas bastos (Lol). Pero don’t worry, nasa libro lang naman sila, di tulad mo na totoo.

4. Love letters. Be like Noah Calhoun who wrote Allie 365 letters. He wrote her a letter each day for a year. Top that! Hindi mo kilala si Noah? Tsk. 

5. Be sneaky about knowing her book wish list, then surprise her on special occasions. 

6. Don’t be a spoiler! Enough said.

7. Ihanda ang sarili sa diskusyon. Dahil hindi sila basta-basta magpapatalo lalo na pagdating sa mga libro na nabasa nila. They will always have answers to your questions because you know, they are smart like that. Lol

8. Be ready to be the second best. Because for them, books will always come first. No explanation needed.

9. Read their favorites. Plus points if you will be able to do an impromptu dialogue from her treasured character. 

10. Read to her over the phone. Who says that reading aloud is just for children? Hearing your loved one’s voice reading your favorite romantic lines over the phone is a turn on.
11.Become a reader if you want to date a reader. Because that’s the only way you can understand them.

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