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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

For the Love of Agnes (Teaser)

Set in the far future where romance is a thing of the past, Agnes is still hoping to experience real love. But in the year 2090, men are almost wiped out and meeting someone to fall in love with is like getting blood out of a stone.

So when she meets Amiel, a dashing young lad who’s got everything that any woman could ever want, she grabs the chance and make him hers. Trouble is, Amiel is not the man she thinks he is. He may have the looks, a body to die for and the charismatic appeal, Amiel has a secret - something that even Agnes can’t wrap her head around.

How can she achieve her dream of having her own family in the new world of virtual beaus if Ezra keeps on telling her that Amiel is not the one for her? Well, why will she believe Ezra anyway? He’s a nobody who just pops out of thin air, claiming to be the one for her.

Between the two, Agnes can’t deny that she’s drawn to Amiel more than Ezra. She wants Amiel and Amiel alone. But why on earth does she feel helpless every time Ezra stares into her eyes as if he knows her every secret and every fiber of her being, as if she can do whatever he tells her, as if he has power over her?


For the Love of Agnes Chapter 1

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