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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Art on Mask by Craft with Cee

The pandemic has made our lives miserable and everyone was affected one way or another. We were forced to give up the things that we were used to do and that includes being physically close to our loved ones.

We were required to distance ourselves from our family and friends and put on face masks to keep us safe. It was a huge adjustment but it was something that we had to do. For most people, it was frustrating, and it still is, especially here in the Philippines where mask mandates are still on. Aside from the fact that wearing surgical mask all day makes it hard to breathe, it hides our beautiful faces and captivating smiles. 

And being someone who always wants to be different, I thought of a way to still have the chance to be fashionable and be able to show one's uniqueness. So Art on Mask Series by Craft with Cee was born. 

Here are some of my creations two years ago, most of which were commissioned by friends and clients.

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